10504073543 09063ec389 oHal Hub is Thomas Hands (trained at NSCD and LCDS) and Matt Lackford (from Yorkshire, trained in Dundee and at LCDS). They are London-based (for now), but Yorkshire maintains a very special place in their hearts.


Four people, a new space and a new process. When the material is performed, how are the relationships between the dancers perceived? When one of the dancers is removed from the material, how is the relationship between dancers and material affected? When the dancer is replaced, does the relationship between dancers remain the same or is it somehow transformed?

Choreographed by Thomas Hands and Matt Lackford
Dancers: Sam McCormick, Korina Tsipoura, Matt Lackford and Thomas Hands
Photo copyright: Chantal Guevara

Twitter: @WhoTheHAL
Facebook: Hal Hub
web: www.halhub.co.uk