Developing networks is important, so our postshow discussions, chaired by Chantal Guevara, are an important way for artists to engage with the local audiences and artistic community, and for the audiences and artistic community to learn more about different artists creating work and their creative processes. This is a key part of our format, as we are interested in showcasing artists whose work might not otherwise been seen, whether due to stylistic choices or where they are based.

Cross-pollination in the North can also be a rewarding experience, so we are interested in creating dialogues between artists based in different parts of the region and exploring what conversations can arise from this.

We also want to engage dance artists with the industry which they are part of, so encouraging them to vocalise and share their feelings and observations with others is an important way of ensuring that the industry which they are part of can develop according to their needs, and has the means to listen to them. It is also important for artists to be aware of how different support models and funding structures affect artists in other regions, and what they can learn from this. Dancers' voices are too rarely heard, and this is a good place to start.

Our postshow discussion from our March show can be listened to below; the talk was chaired by Chantal Guevara, and included Anthony Middleton and Isabel Slingerland of theMiddletonCorpus, James Morgan, Charlotte Jarvis and Rebecca Namgauds of Autin Dance Theatre, who is originally from Cheshire.