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Made Up North is a new project developed by Chantal Guevara, director of Cloud Dance Festival, in response to discussions about and observations of the needs of dance artists living and training in the North of England.

Made Up North is a collaboration with Anthony Middleton of theMiddletonCorpus which currently aims to create performance and professional development opportunities for dance artists from the North, based in the North or who have trained there, particularly highlighting those working in abstract dance.

There are a lot of platforms out there already, so we don't want Made Up North to be yet another showcase - and as Chantal's research develops, as well as the needs of dance artists, so can Made Up North.

The current format is selecting four artists with links to the North East, North West or Scotland, a showcase then a postshow discussion so that the audience can meet the artists and find out more about their practice, and for the artists to connect with their audience. The other part of the postshow discussion is to discuss the dance industry of the North, how it is changing, how artists perceive it and to deepen their engagement with it.

If the show is held on a Friday, then we can also hold workshops the following day at Dance Studio Leeds, so that local dance artists can work with the showcased artists and learn from them.

Although our first two events have been held in Leeds, the aim is for Made Up North to be held in any northern city, which will help us focus on and support artists in each of the leading cities.

Our first event was held in Leeds on 14 & 15 March, with performances by Charlotte Jarvis (Edinburgh), theMiddletonCorpus (London/West Yorkshire), Autin Dance Theatre (Birmingham) and James Morgan (London/Bridlington), a lengthy postshow discussion and four workshops the next day.

Our second event - as a followup to Chantal's many visits to the region - will be held on 27 November, also at Seven Leeds (as her birthday's just a few days before, it'll also be an unofficial birthday bash), with performances from Lo-Giudice Dance (Newcastle), theMiddletonCorpus (Leeds), Rachael O'Neill (Glasgow/Leeds) and Hal Hub (London/Yorkshire).